Indian Bollywood Designer Authentic Elegant Party Wear Saree
  1. All the sarees comes with unstiched blouse piece
  2. Blouse piece design / color may vary from what shown in the model picture
  3. NO STICHED BLOUCE OR ACCESSORIES shown in model picture are part of sale.  

D No 45  SG$210

D No 48 SG$155

D no 51    SG$165

D No 55 SG$155

D No 58 SG$155 

D No 61  G$190

D No 64 SG$190
D No 46 SG$210

D no 49  SG$155 

D No 53 SG$260

D No 56 SG$155 

D No 59 SG$190

D No 62 SG$190
D No 47 SG$155

D no 50 SG$155 

D No 54 SG$260

D No 57 SG$155

D No 60  G$190

D No  63  SG$190