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" I was born with a good figure. To tell you the truth, both my mother and I are very conscious about health. In fact, it was my mother who taught me how to stay fit and slim. I avoided sweets and ice creams to remain slim. I also do yoga every morning."

Shriya Saran entered Tamil Cinema with the movie Ennaku 20 Unnaku 18 and went on to become a rage after her stint with Rajinikanth in Shivaji.

She has been training Kathak and classical dance from her young age and is an accomplished Kathak dancer. She learned dancing under the guidance of Shovana Narayan. Saran's dream is to be kathak dancer like her kathak teacher Shoba Narayan since childhood.

Apart from her work in films, Saran has been the brand ambassador for several stores across India, endorsing beauty and health products. Among other activities, she has volunteered for a number of charity organisations, and in 2011 opened a spa employing visually challenged people.

Shreya Saran Slim Secrets !

1. Variety is the spice of life-and of weight loss

One of the reasons that you may get tired of exercising is that it gets boring doing the same exercises over and over again. Mix it up: take a yoga class one day and a bike ride the next day. Work with weights and then try a step class the next time. Learn how to dance! Variety will keep you interested and moving.

Variety not only applies to your exercising routines, but also your food. Try new recipes and check out unfamiliar fruits and vegetables. If you try a low cal recipe or an exotic vegetable and don’t like it, who cares? You would probably be trying new foods and recipes even if you weren’t trying to lose weight. Don’t forget that eating can be both an experiment and an adventure, whether you are dieting or not.

2.Look for exercising secrets

You do not have to be in official workout mode to burn calories. For example, you can take stairs instead of escalators when you are shopping. Gardening and vacuuming also burn calories. Believe it or not, laughing also burns calories, although not on the scale of other physical activities. This does tell you, however, to keep your sense of humor.

3.Exercise with friends

Whether it is going to the gym or walking the neighborhood together, exercising with friends can make the whole experience more fun. This can be a time when you all catch up with each other’s lives and burn fat at the same time. Your friends can also help you keep onboard with your program.

4.Buddy up to the plate

Have a friend who has lost weight or is also trying to lose weight so that when you feel down about your weight loss progress, you have someone who will talk you through the blues and remind you that plateaus are a natural part of loosing weight. Your friend may also be able to talk you out of eating that triple scoop hot fudge sundae that you are craving.

5.Dieting does not necessarily equal total abstinence

When you reach a weight goal, reward yourself. However, keep your rewards under control. If you used to eat a huge piece of chocolate cake, limit yourself to a small wedge and eat it slowly, savouring every morsel.

Shreya's Quote : "Anything is possible, It's your choice whether or not you choose to make it happen ! Love your body and stay slim !"