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We have tried HYURIM and tested personally. The cool feeling from HYURIM and knowing about all of the minerals, botanical extracts and other interesting ingredients makes it feel like you are giving yourself a nice treat. The mask is a smooth and creamy that feels pleasantly cold when first applied. It also does not contain any artificial colors, fragrance, petroleum based mineral oil or parabens and only has a light herbal smell.

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Makes my skin sooooo soft and smooth! ( from : Rani , Singapore)

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Use this almost every weekend and it somehow it soothe me. Love that herbal feeling, feel so fresh and clean. Dramatic decrease in acne too! ( Ming Ju, Korea)

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Excellent! I love this product for when you're starting to break out. Just slather it on there, leave it for about 20 minutes and it does a fantastic job of clearing it up!

Or at least minimizing the inevitable. ( MV, Southen CA)

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Not bad . Will recommend to others and it does make your face feel clean! ( Carol , Singapore)

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Love love love it! This is the best mask I've ever tried! It feels so refreshing and herbal and I can really feel it getting all the gunk out of my pores. My skin is so soft after and it helps prevent bumps from forming into whiteheads. Highly recommended for acne prone skin! (Raze , Indonesia )

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