SRclub HYURIM mask

SRclub is proud to introduce HYURIM ...

Hyurim Facial Mask

from Korea

SGD $14.50 per Sheet

Herbal Sheet Mask with double effects and has wide application for skin care like brightening, whitening, moisturizing and softening. Its 100% natural ingredients help to revive the skin. Using HYURIM once a week keeps skin stress free.

Beauty theory of Hyurim* 3 in 1 Whitening / Anti-Ageing / Deep Moisturizing

* Whitening functional product accreditation (KFDA)

* Anti-Ageing functional product accreditati


* Deep moisturizing effect with well padded of 100% - cotton

Ingredients & Effects

1. Herb-doctor ingredients complex: Skin softening & circulation

2. Milk vetch root, a typical oriental herb: Caring for skin circulation & flow

3. Arrowroot & licorice: Skin brightening & softening

4. Purslane extracts & aloe: Moisturizing effect to skin for softening

Herb-doctor sheet mask HYURIM

23ml of one-vial essence

Maximum efficacy in a simpler way

Luxury skin care applicable with one vial of essence for each use

Outward investment for my own

Tips :

After night work just wash your face up & put on HYURIM before sleep

Treat your skin with HYURIM once a week.

Worried about skin stress due to overwork ? Do it with HYURIM !

Treat your skin with HYURIM when your skin feels dry, due to over exposure to

sunlight or air conditioning.

Try HYURIM once and you will love HYURIM forever !